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Arturo Casanova, born in 1966, is an artist from Caserta who lives and works in Capua, in the province of Caserta. A polyhedral artist, Casanova belongs to the generation who knocked down inter-disciplinary barriers, using various forms of creative expression. The artist has always used different techniques since the beginning of his career, like painting, sculpture, installations, and photography, without forgetting in his language the sacred dimension of art.

Casanova works on a national and international level, participating to individual and collective exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. His curriculum is enriched by the participation to the XIV Quadriennale d’Arte in Rome (2003), the exhibition cured by Barbara Rose at Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid (2004) and the solo exhibition at Museum MACIA in San José, Costa Rica (2005).

Arturo Casanova is an artist from Caserta. Fonderia Nolana realised for him some metal sculptures, including the giant bronze Helmet dedicated to Ettore Fieramosca, famous Italian ‘condottiero’, for the city of Capua.

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