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Days are Dogs by Camille Henrot

The Palais de Tokyo in Paris hosted Camille Henrot’s solo exhibition “Days are Dogs”. The exhibition reflects upon the theme of time and its subdivision: it is indeed divided in seven parts and dedicated to the days of the week.

Exhibition at the Airport of Naples.

The installation “Archeologica” is a project conceived in March 2017 with the display of originals and reproductions of the artefacts of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples at the Airport of Capodichino (Naples).

Exhibition at Mercati di Traiano by Ugo Rondinone

Under the portico of the Mercati di Traiano, Ugo Rondinone presented for the first time in Italy “Notti d’Argento”: a group of 5 castings of thousand-year old olive trees, realised in aluminium and coated with white enamel.

Madonnina Statue Milan Cathedral

The project “La Protezione” was promoted by the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, which collaborated with Fonderia Nolana for the realisation of a model of the statue of the Madonnina for the Cathedral of Milan on a scale of 1:1.

Restoration Resurrezione by Pericle Fazzini

This intervention of conservative restoration was preceded by a first stage of documentation and diagnostics. This preliminary analysis was carried out in two phases: the visual material analysis and scientific analysis.

Zidane’s Headbutt by Adel Abdessemed

Fonderia Nolana realised this monumental sculpture by the Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed, “Coupe de Tête”. The sculpture represents the famous “head butt” given by the football player Zinedine Zidane to Marco Materazzi during World Championship in 2006.

Fieramosca Info-point by Arturo Casanova

The artist created a giant helmet in bronze and steel, 9 metres high and 6 metres large, weighing about 15 tons. The structure is characterised by a 16 degrees inclination of the axis.

Exhibition MADRE Museum by Camille Henrot

With “Lune di Latte”, Henrot reinterprets the days of the week. The exhibition at Museo Madre is characterized by an alternation of drawings and collages, wall paintings and seven sculptures in different materials, each one dedicated to a day of the week.

Monday - Mostra Memmo di Camille Henrot

Camille Henrot presented a project dedicated to the theme of the days of the week at Fondazione Memmo in Rome. The French artist inaugurated her exhibition with a first part entitled “Monday”, representing the first of the seven days of the week.

Exhibition MADRE Museum by Darren Bader

With (@mined_oud), the American artist levelled out his works of art with the works already present at MADRE Museum and invited visitors to invent a personal artistic creation.

Sermone della Montagna by Kiko Argüello

The work, installed at Domus Galilaeae International Centre, is located a bit higher than the current Sanctuary of Beatitudes, at the top of the homonym mountain.

The ``Christ`` by Nino Longobardi

In the “Christ”, Nino Longobardi expresses community membership by intertwining art and architecture. The artist created a contemporary work reinterpreting the traditional image.

Still Life & John's Fireplace by Ugo Rondinone

“Still life” is a project by Ugo Rondinone presented in several contemporary art exhibitions. The works displayed were realised in bronze with the lost-wax casting system.