“Vocabolario della solitudine” by Ugo Rondinone

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Ugo Rondinone gathered his works in an exhibition entitled “Vocabolario della solitudine”, which can be admired in Denmark from December 2017 to December 2018.

The exhibition captures the humanity of the entertainers, representing them in a moment of meditative calm.

“Vocabolario della solitudine” by Ugo Rondinone

The exhibition, displayed at Museum Arken, is articulated in 45 sculptures (whose installation was carried out by Fonderia Nolana) depicting sleeping clowns. The Swiss artist is famous for his joyful and meditative works, touching both mind and heart. These clowns, instead, are tired and sad, which is the opposite of what we would expect, since clowns are always happy, vivacious, and funny. Here they are depicted as human beings, just a minute after getting out of their roles and their clown shoes or capturing a peaceful moment before the beginning of the performance, when they are about to lacing up their shoes. “Vocabolario della solitudine” is the portrait of a single person during a day, developed in 45 acts. Each clown represents an actor for each one of these actions and is called like a verb: breathing, sleeping, dreaming, and waking up. Together, they make an infinite 24 hours cycle.


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