Fonderia Nolana

Fonderia Nolana is a cutting-edge workshop, specialised in the realisation of sculptural works.

Four generations of Del Giudice family have worked side by side with great national and international artists, supporting them in the realisation of sculptures of the most varied sizes, materials, and complexity. The experience gained in metal working and the capability to use tailored techniques to satisfy every request of the artist have made this foundry in Nola a true reference point for artistic productions.
Today, Fonderia Nolana is a top-level company, which has achieved a level of excellence in the manufacture of plastic arts and in the realisation of sculptural works in bronze, aluminium, brass, white bronze, steel, and resin.

The specialists of the workshop follow every step of the production of the work of art: from the first studies of the plan to the realisation and installation. In the last century, Fonderia Del Giudice has worked for the most important contemporary artists, combining ancient craftsmanship and advanced technology. Fonderia Nolana is renowned for the realisation of artistic bronzes of monumental dimension with the ancient technique of lost-wax casting and for the design and production of sculptures in different metals.

Artistic Workshop

Fonderia Nolana follows the artists in every step of the creative process of the work of art, dealing with all the necessary activities to support their inspiration, from the first studies of the project, to the realisation of the scale model, the structural engineering,

the choice of materials and coating, up to the installation of the work. Each time the most appropriate production practices for the specific need of the artist,

whatever the technical features of the work of art.


Artistic Creations

3D Art Studio is the department of Fonderia Nolana which deals with 3D scanning of objects and with the graphic elaboration of digital models thanks to technologically avant-garde systems. The activities of this department are linked to the study of sculpture and to restoration.

Fonderia Nolana is specialised in the realisation of sculptures in metal thanks to the technique of lost-wax casting. Artistic fusion is a very ancient technique, used for centuries to realise statues with complex forms and using different materials (bronze, brass, and aluminium).

Fonderia Nolana has consolidated over time a detailed knowledge of the several synthetic materials available on the market and of their technical specifications. This allows us to adopt production techniques which are specific for the characteristics of the work.

Fonderia Nolana has acquired a wide experience in melting procedure used in workshops to realise micro-sculptures, requiring maximum precision. It can be used with different materials (bronze, aluminium, silver, and white bronze).

Fonderia Nolana is specialised in the scaling up of sculptures. Starting from the sketch, our expert craftsmen are able to reproduce in macro dimensions bronze statues represented through two main modalities: a traditional one and a digital one.

Fonderia Nolana is proud of its consolidated experience in conservation and restoration of bronze, providing high-quality services for every requirement. Our experts work with a scientific and rational approach, with full respect of the damaged patina.






Ugo Rondinone






Exhibition Palais de Tokyo by Camille Henrot

the Palais de Tokyo in Paris hosted Camille Henrot’s solo exhibition “Days are Dogs”. The exhibition reflects upon the theme of time and its subdivision: it is indeed divided in seven parts and dedicated to the days of the week.

Exhibition Airport of Naples

The exhibition at the International Airport of Naples aimed at promoting the archaeological heritage of Campania. Fonderia Nolana curated the entire artistic installation at the Airport of Naples and the whole management of the project.

Exhibition at Mercati di Traiano by Ugo Rondinone

Fonderia Nolana collaborated with Rondinone for the complex realisation of the project hosted in the portico of the Mercati di Traiano, one of the most important examples of imperial architecture in Rome. The artist presented a group of 5 castings of thousand-year old olive trees, realised in aluminium, and coated with white enamel.

Madonnina Statue Milan Cathedral

The project “La Protezione” was promoted by the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, which collaborated with Fonderia Nolana for the realisation of a model of the statue of the Madonnina for the Cathedral of Milan on a scale of 1:1.

Restoration Resurrezione Pericle Fazzini

Fonderia Nolana curated the intervention of restoration of the sculpture “La Resurrezione” by Pericle Fazzini. The intervention was carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture “Luigi Vanvitelli” of the Second University of Naples.

Zidane’s Headbutt by Adel Abdessemed

Fonderia Nolana realised this monumental sculpture by the Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed, “Coupe de Tête”. The sculpture represents the famous “head butt” given by the football player Zinedine Zidane to Marco Materazzi during World Championship in 2006.

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