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Exhibition at Fondazione Memmo by Camille Henrot.

Camille Henrot presented a project dedicated to the theme of the days of the week at Fondazione Memmo in Rome. The French artist inaugurated her exhibition with a first part entitled “Monday”, representing the first of the seven days of the week.

Conceiving the whole week as an “instrument to impose order on the chaos of our existence”, “Monday” by Camille Henrot reveals the spiritual and social value of each day and offers hints for research on the themes of time and of the rhythms chosen by mankind to distribute and organise the existence.

Fonderia Nolana hosted and supported the artist Henrot during the whole creative process of the exhibition destined to Fondazione Memmo, realising models and sculptures by means of the fusion system of lost-wax casting in bronze. Our artistic workshop, then, contributed to the installation of all the works realised for Camille Henrot.