“Falling, lovely and beautiful” by Latifa Echakhch

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“Falling, lovely and beautiful” is a series of works by the French-Moroccan artist Latifa Echakhch that was exhibited at the KIOSK.

In this exhibition, sound and poetry merge and give life to a setting with personal, historical and cultural references.

“Falling, lovely and beautiful” by Latifa Echakhch

Latifa’s new exhibition, Falling, lovely and beautiful features bells made of bronze, a video and ink drawings. Each object has been deprived of its original meaning in order to give it new interpretations.

The artist tends to challenge stereotypes by isolating the materials that symbolize them, thus giving them new meanings and new characteristics.

Shattered bronze bells are on the floor as if they had fallen from a bell tower, and each of them has its own story and a particular sound. Together they make the levels Forever Mi, Forever Fa, Forever Sol and Forever Si (b).

The fall of the bells and the fixed notes emphasize silence, while in the other rooms there is the sound of a piano that is interrupted by a violent noise coming from the video made by Latifa Echakhch.

The series of ink drawings by Echakhch represent only punctuation and some vowels, while most of the paper remains white, so it is as if it were a completely abstract design.

The whole show conceived by the artist becomes immaterial, the original constructs leave room for one’s imagination, allowing for an entirely new reading.


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