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Nino Longobardi is a Neapolitan artist born in 1953. As an autodidact, he grew up thanks to the artistic fellowship with the critic and gallerist Lucio Amelio, who hosted one of his first solo exhibitions at the end of the ’70s.

The Neapolitan artist prefers the technique of drawing on paper or on wall, but he also shows a great interest for sculpture. One of the recurring theme of his production is the male figure, but he often includes also skeletons and skulls: essential, lean, sketched with few traits and characterised by a reduced colour range (black, grey, some earthy colours). The body is the ideal shape and starting point for every figurative representation. Longobardi boasts several exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He joined the project “Stazioni d’arte” in Naples and he decorated the atrium of the stop Quattro Giornate, realising in 2001 four works inspired by the Neapolitan resistance movement, among which a big bronze relief stands out.

Fonderia Nolana has collaborated with Nino Longobardi for the “Mostra Paleo-Contemporanea” which took place at Museum of Capodimonte in Naples.