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Exhibition MADRE Museum by Darren Bader

Fonderia Nolana collaborated with Darren Bader for his exhibition entitled (@mined_oud), hosted at MADRE Museum of Naples from 14th October 2017 to 2nd April 2018.

With his exhibition, Bader made a tribute and, at the same time, a critic to the current function of museum collections in themselves. With (@mined_oud), the American artist levelled out his works of art with the works already present at MADRE Museum and invited visitors to invent a personal artistic creation.

Fonderia Nolana cooperated with the artist from the realisation to the installation of the project (@mined_oud), providing all the necessary support. In the foundry in Nola, Darren Bader has examined Fonderia Nolana’s collection and selected some works. During the exhibition at MADRE Museum, the specialists of our workshop joined the live performances, welding with a blowtorch and brass bars the works selected to be sealed together.