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(@mined_oud) is the title of the first individual exhibition by Darren Bader, one of the most experimental among the international artists of the last generation. The methodology of the artist consists in putting together different elements — articles of consumption, words, images, animals, persons — which generates concrete but also imaginary relations. For this reason, he also defines himself as a sculptor.

(@mined_oud) by Darren Bader

The exhibition was inaugurated on 14th October 2017 at MADRE Museum in Naples. With his exhibition, the artist made a tribute and, at the same time, a critic to the current function of museum collections in themselves.

Bader uniformed his works of art with the works already present at MADRE Museum and invited visitors to invent a personal artistic creation. The artist, indeed, conceived immaterial works of art, representing certificates in which he described the requirements of the work the beneficiary is going to realise, following Bader’s instructions. These certificates were displayed at MADRE Museum on different supports, since the artist wanted to put together both the physical audience and the digital one.


The courtyard of MADRE Museum hosted the productive process of the work Scultura#3.85: a series of sculptures which use existent works of art as containers for rubbish. Some elements of the work were filled by the artist with waste at the end of the day and, once full, they were welded by Fonderia Nolana, which collaborated with Bader in the realisation of the project, providing all the necessary elements.


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