Sermone della Montagna by Kiko Argüello

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Il “sermone della montagna” by Kiko Argüello

“Il Sermone della Montagna” is a monumental work in bronze by the Spanish artist Kiko Argüello, realised in 2005 in collaboration with the experts of Fonderia Nolana.

The work, installed at Domus Galilaeae International Centre, is located a bit higher than the current Sanctuary of Beatitudes, at the top of the homonym mountain. The “Domus Galilaeae” overlooks the Tiberiade Lake, a bit higher than Tabgha (the place of the first Multiplication of the Loaves) and Cafarnao. At about a kilometre and a half, there are the remainings of the ancient Korazim, brought back to light in the last years. The complex is located right beside the road that in ancient times used to link Korazim, on the mount, and Cafarnao, on the shores of the lake.