Zidane’s Headbutt by Adel Abdessemed

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Zidane’s Headbutt by Adel Abdessemed

Fonderia Nolana realised the monumental sculpture by the Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed, “Coupe de Tête” in collaboration with Studi D’Arte Cave Michelangelo. The sculpture represents the famous “headbutt” given by the football player Zinedine Zidane to Marco Materazzi during the final Italy-France at World Championship in 2006. The bronze sculpture is 5 metres high and was created using the technique of lost-wax casting.

The work “Coupe de Tête” was installed in the square of the Museum Centre G. Pompidou in France on the occasion of the individual exhibition of the artist entitled “Je suis innocent”. The sculpture was then displayed in Pietrasanta (Lucca, Italy) for the exhibition “L’Innocenza del Reale”, before being transferred to Doha, Qatar, and installed in Corniche, as part of the Public Art Programme of the Qatar Museum Authority.