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Marisa Albanese

Marisa Albanese lives between Naples and Milan, producing installations which mix painting, sculpture, audio-visual languages, and photography.

In the course of her career, the Neapolitan artist has realised several individual exhibitions, including KORAI at Dina Caròla Arte Contemporanea, and has participated to many important collective exhibitions: Dis-identico, Maschile Femminile & Altro (Palermo); Weimar in Eruzione – Die Ende Bebt, Stadt Museum, Weimar; Castelli in Aria, Castel Sant’Elmo, Naples; Traslakje 99, Piotrokow Tribunalsky, Poland, just to mention some. More recently, her retrospective Spyholes at Museum of Capodimonte in Naples was curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.

Fonderia Nolana has collaborated with Marisa Albanese for several projects: the realisation of the works for the collective exhibition “Post Classici” at the Imperial Forums in Rome; the design of “Combattenti”, a work which was realised with different materials (including bronze and aluminium) using the technique of the lost-wax casting; the design and realisation of all the works in metal for “Spyholes”, the exhibition at the Museum of Capodimonte of Naples.